JANUARY 23rd 2004
Magz Hall's Mix:

Illreme - (Yabemilk Remix)
DAT Politics – Up Up Down OK (Ski-pp)
The Toy Sound of Ear Sugar – Guitar Splinters (Ear Sugar)
Schlammpeitziger – Tidified Restlessness (Sonig)
Squarepusher – Talk About You and Me (Warp)
Utabi – Turntable Utabi (ADAADAT)
Cat Power – He War (Matador)
Chib - + (Fat Cat)
Mice Parade – Spain (Fat Cat)
Max Richter – Shadow Journal (Fat Cat)
Aero Mic’d – Life Sized Timeline (Aero Mic’d Records)
Eden Ahbez – My Boat (Del – Fi)
Mice Parade – Milton Road (Fat Cat)
Helen Lundy Trio – Tanz Mit
Tom – Cure Riddim
Sean Paul – Dem A Fraud
Aelters – La.St-Or-1 (Ski-pp)
Wiley – Ground Zero (WhiteLabel)
Folkways : Sounds of North American Frogs (excerpt) (Smithsonian Folkways)


16th JANUARY 2004
jim backhouse : 'rainbow drone musick'

astro - inamura beach (bananafish/tedium house)
deep listening band - balloon payment (new albion)
sonic catering band - the oven is the night thereof (peripheral conserve)
nurse with wound - swansong (united dairies) ("a vocal piece which was spewed out after watching a documentary on the american a-bomb test off the bikini islands which left me sad, helpless and fucking angry - an ocean of death.")
nomex - paris catacombs recording (adverse)
deep listening band - phantom (new albion)
michael prime - osculation (raft)
tamaru - water margin (ash international)
kymatic - trawler leaving harbour (paradigm discs)
- crickets in the wind (paradigm discs)
alejandro and aeron - washing up, e 21st street, nyc (lucky kitchen)


9th JANUARY 2004:
Jim Backhouse deutsche-orientalische freundschaft mixx

utabi - lightpotlution (adaadat)
curd duca - touch (mille plateaux)
theme from the sullivans (silva screen)
unknown chinese artist - ?? (life records)
stock hausen and walkman - boats (hot air)
lil jon and the east side boyz - get low (instrumental) (tvt)
violent onsen geisha - early tapes (extract) (my fiance's lifework productions)
riow arai - stoic (soup disk)
kobayashi kensuke - your love all of a sudden (vaseline)
venetian snares - a track from the lp chocolate wheelchair (planet mu)
wha-ha-ha - inanaki (recommended records)
ibiza - warning (ibiza records)
ninjaman and lewi-cifer - murder dem (street tuff)
bizzy b - ?? (brain)
the scientist - ankoko (ariwa)
ommm - untitled (cdr)
appenzeller 'zauerli' - em walter sis (disques cellier series)
phill niblock - a trumbone piece (india navigation)
angus maclise - trance (bootleg)
gina v d'orio - bottle heart ahoi (featuring larry wessel) (dual plover)
opus - live is life (carrere)
pita - get out (mego)
town yodler of schaffhausen - alphornruef mit alpenhorn-einleitung (polydor)
people like us - dead radio (staalplaat)
dumb type - passport control (dorobo)
hidenori yagi - untitled (white label)
pluramon - time carthesia (karaoke kalk)
gen ken montgomery - radiator I (xi)
simon wickham smith and richard youngs - metallic sonata 5 (vhf records)
lemon kittens - evidence (united dairies)
utabi - set her eyes xochipili (adaadat)
unknown hong kong electro-pop artist - 'super remix volume 2' (hollywood music productions hong kong)
heino - sayonara (emi)

2nd JANUARY 2004

Magz' New Year

Esquivel - La Raspa (bmg)
DM and Jemini - Ghetto Pop Life (lexx)
Air - Betagaga (source)
Oleg Kostrow - Lego For Four (solnze)
Eater - Bicycle 100 (daisyworld)
LID - Miko (daisyworld)
Nurse With Wound - I Don't Want to Have Easy Listening Nightmares (united dairies)
Esquivel - Besame Mucho (bmg)
Richard Hayman the Electric Latin Love Machine - The Peanut Vendor (command)
Felix Kubin - Hotel Supernova (a-musik)
Mambo En Lo Habana (track 11) (??)
Electronic Hankercheif Knot - Growing In You (cdr)
Datarock - Computer Camp Love (ellet)
Electrik Cokernut - Jungle Juice (mfp)

**Dec 26th 2003**
martin denny - on a little street in singapore (liberty)
elizabeth waldo - ritual of the human sacrifice (gnp crescendo)
musique mechanique - atoms for energy (compact cassette records)
roger roger - blast off! (ochre)
martin slavin - space adventure 1 (ochre)
sun city girls - soft fragile eggshell minds (abduction)
ground zero - paraiso 1 (rer megacorp)
testpattern - ring dance (yen/alfa)
boredoms - jungle taitei (wea)
martin denny - caravan (liberty)
l voag - bedroom (alcohol)
autopoeisis - beirobidjan (mille plateaux)
elizabeth waldo - the serpent and the eagle (gnp crescendo)
yma sumac - taita inty (capitol)
jon and utsunomia - dark side of the day (horen)
malcolm clarke - dance of the fireflies (bbc)
ascii - sampleaccurate1.5 (computer music journal)
martin slavin - space adventure 3 (ochre)
tom recchion - untitled (cortical foundation)
john baker - venusian space lab (bbc)
esquivel - la paloma (rca)
david lee myers and thomas dimuzio - indicia (korm plastics)
sun ra - make another mistake (el saturn)
david lee myers and thomas dimuzio - floatation chamber (korm plastics)
eela craig - birds of a feather (arista)
bruce haack - the ghost with the most (mp3)
blakey's dance contest (from 'holiday on the buses')

**Dec 19th 2003**
Magz's Christmas Mix 19th December 2003

Tipsy - Pink Moon (asphodel)
Small Rocks - (hot air)
Telefunken - Telefunken II (cdr)
J Xaverre - (memphis industries)
Yoshihiro Hanno - 2h.io_2p (progressive form)
Crescent - You Leave (atp recordings)
Jeffrey Lewis - If You Shoot The Head You Kill The Ghoul (rough trade)
Electric Company - take the moon by the teeth (tigerbeat 6)
Gonzales - Soft Shoe Snoozin' (featuring Princess Superstar) (kitty-yo)
The Beale - 97 Circular (cdr)
Need New Body - Show Me Your Heart (pickled egg)
Daedelus - Pursed Lips Reply (plug research)
Dymaxion - (duophonic)
Fun Size Lions - Winter Song (puppy dog recordings)
Tom Recchion - Cara Mia (birdman)
Gentle People - Tiki Mix (rephlex)
Rudy Vallee - Deep Night
Slipper - Fascinating (rephlex)

**Dec 12th 2003**
jim backhouse' mix 12/12/03
terre thaemlitz - pretty mouth (he's got one) (comatonse)
oleg kostrow - lets steal a sputnik (solnze)
the double u and the glands of external secretion - ling (vhf)
after dinner - paradaisu (terre thaemlitz remix) (rer megacorp)
harry hosono and the yellow magic band - paraiso (alfa)
bradbury - boulevard of broken arms (dual plover)
cecile - give it to me (high society)
daniel 'blaxx' lewis - egyptian riddim (blaxxx records)
otomo yoshihide - iov-r2 (sonic factory)
christine shields - monkey goes to the moon (tedium house)
ommm - plasmawatchpen (cdr)
van dyke parks - the all golden (rykodisc)
chris watson - cassasrina (touch)
paul 'teetimus' edmund and andre 'suku' gray - americk riddim (jam II records)
world standard - coomyah (daisyworld)
otomo yoshihide - mi-ez213 (sonic factory)
lee hazlewood - dark in my heart (lhi)
ooioo - mountain book (charichari remix remixed by astralbunny)
the associates - party fears two (wea)
otomo yoshihide - rv-001 (sonic factory)
oleg kostrow - lego for four (solnze)
melt banana - flash section (dual plover)
cliff richard - wired for sound (emi)
bizzy b and tdk - wicked man (brain records)
09 - seven milliseconds (schematic)
boredoms - young assouls (earthnoise)
john klein and sid ramin - third man theme (rca)
plus predictions for the forthcoming year from the legendary criswell


**Dec 5th 2003**
SOLNZE Records Special from Magz featuring:

Kim and Beran - Ber Tak (demo CD - released 2004)
Messer Chups - Gangster They Called (Crazy Price)
Messer Chups - Monkey Safari (Crazy Price)
Messer Chups- Learning to Control Myself (From the LP Black Black Magic)
messer Chups - Lo Fi Woman ( Black Black Magic)
Messer Chups - Fantomasophobia (Crazy Price)
Messer Chups - Sex, Euro and Evils (Crazy Price)
Messer Chups - Good Night (Crazy Price)
Messer Chups - Diabolique Boogie (Crazy Price)
Oleg Kostrow - Higgins Theme (Imago)
Oleg K - Dance of Prokofiev's Sons
Oleg K - Your Face, Your Smile
Oleg K - I Like Japan! (Aspirin and Serpantin)
Oleg K - Foxtrott Automat
Oleg K - Lego for 4
Oleg K - Lets Steal A Sputnik
Oleg K - Cool, Cool ( From the LP Lego for Four)
Aavikko - Baltic Sea Bolek Bolek Elsku Mau Mau Galaktus Derek ( From the LP Derek)


**Nov 28th 2003**
Jim brings you:

yann tomita - information from audio science laboratory (audio science)
donna summer - chirping organ (adaadat)
hantarash - my tooth is sore diamond (public bath)
ludacris - roll out (def jam)
spazzmodics - giant crow man with perm (dual plover)
elevators - riviera (odor)
bernard parmegiani - ce que nous dit la nuit (cmg)
tom recchion - space ship (birdman)
wiley - blizzard (wk)
philip perkins - remoting (nonequitur foundation)
the evolution control committee - nearly no time for yes (seeland)
the evolution control committee - no time for yes (seeland)
the arts and leisure foundation - exloafer (giovanni chrome recordings)
lieutenant pigeon - the villain (decca)
gary glitter - rock and roll part 2 (bell)
steeleye span - all around my hat (chrysalis)
kazumoto endo - untitled (charnel)
hecker - stocha acid additional tables set 2 modi mix (mego)
the black dice - endless summer (fat cat)
monty cantsin
hanatarash - ponchobilly (public bath)
gene marshall - all you need is a fertile mind (carnage press)
les baxter - pool of love (emi)
ooioo - sizuku ring neng (ape sounds)
roger limb - swirley (bbc enterprises)

**Nov 21st 2003**
Magz mix features:

Schlammpeitziger – Sluggish Alarm Swarm (Sonig)
Bitmap – Robots of the world unite (Electric)
Secret Mommi – Allergic (Ski-pp)
Trevor Wishart – Blue Tulips (EMF)
Bitmap – Big Need (Electric)
Bomb 20 – Money (Make Some Noise)
Bomb 20 - Rich
King Geedorah – One Smart Nigger (Big Dada)
King Geedorah – The Fine Print
Robert Wyatt – Beware (Hannibal)
Sumumu Yokota – 33 degrees (Skintone Records)
The Creatures – City Island (Sioux Records)
DJ Spooky - Interlude (Play Label)
Susumu Yokota – trip eden(Skintone Records)
AFX – Mangle 11(Rephlex)
OOIOO – mountain book/zak remix(Shock City/Trattora)
Les Baxter – track 13 from 'The Exotic moods of ...' (Capital)

**Nov 14th 2003**
Jim in the mix featuring:

oleg kostrow - gloomy (stora)
battiato - fetus (bmg)
alexei borisov and anton nikkila - so few good moustaches (n&b research digest)
signale - orbit swing (all-score media)
large number - chronosynclasticinfundibulation (white label)
bruce haack - bods (qdk media)
ooioo - mountain book (shock city / trattoria)
cromagnon - fantasy (esp disc)
arthur lyman - bahia (vogue)
imagination - just in illusion (prt)
terre thaemlitz - systole 06 (mille plateaux)
people like us - sugar and splice (law & auder)
pauline oliveros - bye bye butterfly (paradigm)
the three suns - delicado (capitol)
electric helgoland - sunset for kitty (gagarin)
wiley - bang bang (wk)
wiley - ice rink (wk)
haroumi hosono - shambhala signal (alfa)
christine 23 onna - cosmic jungle (alchemy)
eamonn andrews - the shifting whispering sands (k-tel)
frank comstock and his orchestra - galaxy (warner bros)
matmos - ytte (matador)
rygar - startracks (loading bay)
laserdance - powerrun (zyx)
jean bach - japanese girl (playmade)
transonic jokers - part 7 (transonic)
hanadensha - astral pigmy wave (circle sunshine)
terre thaemlitz - homeward 07 (mille plateaux)
harvey andrews - riding free (trunk)
plus assorted dialogue from the film 'psychomania' and the lp 'the scientist rids the world of the evil curse of the vampires'


**Nov 7th 2003**
Magz mixes:

Dick Hyman -Moon Gas( MGM)
Broadcast (be4 we begin:Warp),
Chris Clark-Slowspines (Warp),
Philip Archer-kung Fu (SAN),
Felix Kubin-Du hast Dein hertz (Skipp),
Jean Jacques Perrey - Gossipo Perpetuo (Aspodel),
Luke Vibert -I love acid(Warp),
Eden Ahbez-Full Moon (Del-FI),
John Parrish-el-merreon (How Animals Move:Thrill Jockey),
Nina Nastasia-we never talked (Touch and Go),
Goodiepal-Kirbys Dream Land(Skipp),
John Parrish-Bernidette,
Brett Smiley -Space Ace(RPM),
Irdial CONET project numbers stations recordings,
Dezurik Sisters -I left her standing there (Trikont),
Virginia Astley -Gardens Where We Feel (Rough Trade),
Joseph Suchy -Ka-aasm (Stuabgold),
Eden Ahbez - Wanderer (Del-FI).

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