MARCH 26th:

Jean Jacques Perrey in the mix!!

many thanks to Miss Hypnotique for producing this one-off special:

Carmen Dogs and Charleston 2040 - new unreleased tracks from forthcoming Jean Jacques Perrey album
Organ Donor - DJ Shadow
How high the moon? - Les Paul & Mary Ford
Cocktail for two - Spike Jones
Hawaian War Chant - Spike Jones
Ma Maison - Charles Trenet
La Vie En Rose - Edith Piaf
Loved Boy - David Axelrod
Star Wars - Tomita
Hora Stacatto - Tomita
Rachmaninov Concerto No 3 for piano - Horowitz
What's Up Duck? - Jean Jacques & David Chazam from the album 'eclectronics'
Elephant's Wedding March - story by Jean Jacques from the album 'circus of life'
Take a Ride on Santa's Rocket - Space Kids featuring Sounds Extrodinaire (Jean Jacques' commercial project)
E.V.A. - Jean Jacques Perrey's classic from the album Moog indigo
and finally 'Corn on the Cob' from the album 'Circus of Life'.

Jean Jacques Perrey's homepage:

Jean Jacques Perrey is lecturing with Bob Moog at the Triptych festival www.triptych04.com

Miss Hypnotique's interview with Jean Jacques Perrey which was originally aired on Resonance FM can be found at:


19th March

Magz's mix included:

Cathode - Be Red or Yellow (expanding records)
Blue Cheer - Rock Me Baby (track records)
Coco Rosie - West Side
Fennesz - Onsay (touch)
Fennesz - The Stone (touch)
Mapaputsi - Kleva (trikont)
Robert Lippok - 3 Hours (monika)
Robert Lippok - When It Starts (monika)
Rob Ellis - Only Boy in the World (leaf)
Scott Walker - If You Go Away (fontana)
To Rococo Rot - Dahlem (domino)
Utabi - Manchurian Candy (adaadat)


newsflash!! JEAN JACQUES PERREY will be doing a special mix for the Lounge of Pleasure on the 26th MARCH!!

tracklisting from MARCH 12th:

YELLOW MAGIC SPECIAL (the first of an occasional series)
Swing Slow - Daisy, Daisy (from v/a 'Daisyworld Audio Sponge 2003') (Daisyworld)
Haruomi Hosono and Tadanori Yokoo - Hepatitis (from 'Cochin Moon') (KING)
Miharu Koshi - Bonne Nuit Minouche (Haruomi Hosono remix) (from v/a 'Strange Flowers') (DAISYWORLD)
Haruomi Hosono and Tadanori Yokoo - Roof Garden (revel attack) (from 'Cochin Moon') (KING)
Harry Hosono - Shambhala Signal (from 'Paraiso') (ALFA)
World Standard - Billy Strange Country (from 'Country Gazette') (ASPHODEL)
Haruomi Hosono and Tadanori Yokoo - Hum Ghar Sajan (from 'Cochin Moon') (KING)
World Standard - Glow Worms (from 'Jump for Joy: Discover America vol 3') (DAISYWORLD)
Ryuichi Sakamoto - E-3A (from 'B-2 Unit') (ALFA)
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Cosmic Surfin (EYE remix) (from 'Technopolis: YMO Remixed vol 2) (JVC)
Test Pattern - Ocean Liner (from 'Apres Midi') (YEN)
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Pure Jam (from 'Technodelic') (ALFA)
Haruomi Hosono - Xevious (from 'Video Game Music') (YEN)
Harry Hosono and the Yellow Magic Band - Paraiso (Haraiso) (from 'Paraiso') (ALFA)

Magz's show from MARCH 3rd, consisting of JEAN JACQUES PERREY favourites will be posted soon.

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