Friday the Twenty Third of April:

Avril - Be Yourself (Broadcast Remix) (F Comm)
Wiley - Going Mad (XL)
Larry Young - Khalid of Space part 2 (Perception)
Zainetica - Clear Blue Sky (Rednetic)
Ochre - Valley Forge (Rednetic)
Martin Rev - Mari (ROIR)
Zombies Under Stress - Let My Blood be a Seed of Freedom (Staalplaat)
Achim Wollschied - Eyewitness (Selektion)
Bill Wells, Stefan Schneider, Barabara Morgenstern, Anne Whitehead - The Dust of Months (Leaf)
The Black Dice - Endless Happiness (DFA)
Mapstation - Midnight Gegenlicht (Staubgold)
Leif Elggren - Shareware for Answering Machines (Staalplaat)


APRIL 16th

Jim's selection this week:

dumb type - rain (digital narcis)
up 2 no good - purple figs (hermetech)
sluta leta - Sköldpadda + Yea Song (mego)
onpack - oppon soy (plop)
me-mi - ping pong (childisc)
james tenney - dialogue (new world records)
kanye west feat twista - slow jamz (roc-a-fella)
pauline oliveros - beautiful soop (pogus)
loose joints - pop your funk (soul jazz)
i malec - dahovi (vox candide)
wiley - special girl (xl)
plastic people of the universe - jo to se ti to spi (globus)
ghedalia tazartes - tazartes transports (alga marghen)
pascal comelade - sense el resso (virgin delabel)
multiplex - after1 (hermetech)
ilitch - no answer (scopa invisible)
the juan maclean - by the time i get to venus (dfa)
vagina dentata organ - music for the hashishins (wsns)
plastic people of the universe - mgm (globus)
bbc radiophonic workshop - sutekh time tunnel (bbc)
felix kubin - sabato (gagarin)
peter thomas orchester - take sex (bungalow)
arthur russell - in the light of a miracle (soul jazz)


April 9th 2004:

Magz Mix

Simon Fisher Turner - Deum De Deo (Mute)
Fourtet - My Angel Rocks Back and Forth (Icarus Remix) (Domino)
Simon Fisher Turner - So Long, Isolated Sunshine (Mute)
Addie Brik - Will The Wire Hold Me In (Itza Music)
Simon Fisher Turner - Youngtoolong (Mute)
Jaga Jazzist - I Could Have Killed Him In The Sauna (Ninja Tune)
Limn - Impulse Groove Extractor Note (4th Harmonic)
Murcof - Memoria (Sutekh's Trisagion Remix) (Leaf)
Air - Surfing on a Rocket (Source)
Luke Vibert - KnokTup (Warp)
LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge (DFA)
Cornelius - God Only Knows (Matador)


last Friday's tracklisting:

2nd April 2004:

bochum welt - mannequin (device)
bigshot - stomp (from ministry of sound 'street beats' femme fatale/mc b-live cd)
bernard parmegiani - questions de temps + le temps remue (cmg)
judge mental and the heavy dread beat - hulme punks rap + gracious (pumf)
atom truck - untitled (adaadat)
yesterday's heroes (haco and terre thaemlitz) - up n down (pogo a gogo) (comatonse)
boogie times tribe - the dark stranger (suburban base)
stockhausen / arditti string quartet - helikopter-quartett (aluvidis)
simon fisher turner - harrodspianos (t t edit) (comatonse)
noriako teramoto - untitled from v/a 'mariopaint' (irdial)
erik dahl - a.d.d. dance (comatonse)
sly, lenky and frenchy - dark side (mastermind 4.5)
adrian sherwood vs the bug - the ignorant version (virgin)
kemet crew - bonus beat (kemet)
sponge - crash (suburban base)
varese - poeme electronique (deutsche grammofon)
swift and zinc - anything test (suburban base)
mattin, eddie prevost, rosy parlane - sakada (cdr)
x certificate - one way bass (ibiza records)
maldoror (merzbow and mike patton) - she (ipecac)
the ceramic hobs - blackpool transport (harbinger)
manitoba - air doom + ach who (leaf)
ryoji ikeda - 1 minute (sub rosa)
black ops - haywire (l.d. cats)
the magical spanish polka organ (mp3 from 'the oddball auditorium' - thanks!!)
the pork dukes - throbbing gristle (mp3)
mess - foolish girl (compact cassette echo)
tommy james and the shondells - just a mirage (roulette)
morlock - der energy (rotterdam)

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